Saturday, November 03, 2012

Digital Ecosystem For iPads In The Classroom

San Diego CUE Conference 2012

The Goal:

Create a paperless and easy to use system for students to share work with the teacher from their iPads.

Challenges For Encinitas Union School District (Fall 2011)

  • Out of the box the main sharing was via email. District did not set up email.
  • Students could not print directly from the iPad.
  • iPad apps we were using did not easily connect to cloud services like Google Docs. The iWork apps specifically were limited to saving on, email and something called WebDav.
  • Any solutions initially would have to be home-brewed with the apps we had available to us.

Forward to Fall 2012

Students are now able to share the majority of the work created on their iPads easily with the teacher through a digital ecosystem developed over the last year.

The Digital Ecosystem
Connection Points For File Sharing

WebDav (SharePoint)
Google Drive (via PocketDav)
You could technically mirror the WebDav setup using Dropbox. You will need to have two accounts one for teacher and the other for the students. Teacher will create shared folders for the student Dropbox account and students will submit.

Student iPad Apps

  • iWork
  • iMovie
  • Comic Life
  • Explain Everything
  • Notability
  • Google Drive
  • WebDav Nav: This is an app that will allow you to connect directly with a web dad of server and be able to manage and view files. You can also upload movies and pictures directly to the web dads and with that "open in" feature you should be Able to open PDFs and other supported files.

Turning in Assignments and Tests

Interactive Literature


Allows the teacher to interact with students on reading materials. This could be literature or any text that can be imported from the web. Teacher curates discussions and have students leave comments right in the text it. Teachers can also embed links to the web from whatever text they wish. Uses Google books for literature availability. This includes all books in the public domain which are free.

Camera Roll

Is a central repository that most apps use to either import or export images and video. Taking a screenshot of anything on the screen immediately makes it shareable through WebDav, Dropbox or Google Docs