Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Way To Share iPad iWork Files With Google Docs

I posted a few weeks ago about what my district did to setup sharing student work from their iPads. Our solution required a WebDav solution, in our case it was Sharepoint. This did not give us connection a connection with Google Docs. Technically we could get files into Google Docs, but it would be via a several app workflow. Good Reader is actually a two step solution, but we do not have this app on our student iPads.

DAV-pocket Lab has created a service that will let anyone with a Google account setup a WebDAV connection to their Google Docs. The sign up was simple. If your district is using Google Apps for Education, students just need to have to create a user name and password on the site. They do not need to verify signup through email. I suggest students use the same user name and password as their Google account.

Once this is setup you can connect to your iWorks copy to WebDAV function or any app that supports WebDav sharing.

There are instructions for the whole process on the DAV-pocket Lab web site.

DAV-pocket Lab - WebDAV access to Google Docs

With sharing into Google Docs students can turn in their work through Edmodo as well. Which is HUGE.

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